A. Conflict of Interest

The General Code of Conduct for the FAIS Act broadly covers conflict of interest and requires that intermediaries disclose to their clients the existence of actual or potential conflicts of interest.  This means any situation in which an intermediary or representative has an interest that may influence the objective performance of his obligations to his client or may prevent an intermediary from rendering an unbiased financial service.

We have adopted and implemented a Conflict of Interest Management Policy and have identified a potential conflict of interest, and the subsequent determination of its unavoidability. Our FSP 47808, Baobab Investment Management carries out both activities as an advisor and as an independent specialist investment manager that is responsible for the investment management of the Baobab SCI Flexible Fund. A full copy of our Conflict of Interest Management Policy can be obtained from our offices upon written request to

B. Complaints Resolution

In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the advice or intermediary service provided by us, your first course of action will be to contact the Baobab Investment Management in writing with full details of the problem you have encountered as follows: Mr S Le Roux | E-mail address:

If your complaint cannot be resolved internally then you are entitled to refer the complaint to the FAIS Ombudsman whose offices have been established to provide clients with a redress mechanism for any inappropriate financial advice or intermediary services that may have been given.  The details of the FAIS Ombud’s office : FAIS OMBUD, Kasteel Park, Orange Park, 2nd Floor, 546 Joechemus Street, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria | Tel (012) 762 – 5000. |